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Digital marketing and business development services specializing in small businesses. We help YOUR business shine, grow and thrive with organic digital marketing practices and development.

Digital Service Variety

We offer a variety of different digital marketing and business development services making TDS your one stop shop. Our services range from website design, website maintenance, logo design, branding development, social media marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, collateral/promotional design and business development.

Custom & Quality

Your business is unique and we love that. We use the quirks, atmosphere and characteristics that make up your business to develop an online personality that your customers will connect to and remember. We produce quality work that is customized to your business, no matter the industry or how large (or small!) the business.

Real Support

We are humans - not machines! As a TDS client, when you need help or assistance you have our direct contact information. No jumping through hoops, talking to an automated system or filing a support ticket. You're trusting us with your business so it's our job to maintain that relationship by remaining easily accessible and transparent.

About Taylored Digital Solutions

The vision of our owner, Taylor Pelletier, is that each and every small business that she works with has a unique, personable and recognized online personality. She wants YOUR business to stand out in the online world while delivering content that delivers results.

Your business is a direct reflection of your hard work, dedication and vision. Your successes of your business relies solely on you and your team. We get that... we feel that. Owning a business is stressful, ever changing, busy and so rewarding. But finding the time to set aside for maintaining and creating your digital presence is often the FIRST thing that gets dropped when your schedule fills up or you're pulled in too many directions.

Do you understand how critical your website, social media and digital branding is? We've recently experience a MAJOR shift where a large percentage of consumers who weren't online, were forced to be online. And now that they've seen the convenience of the online world, they're here to stay. Don't let your online presence fall short of what your business deserves and needs to thrive.

90% of consumers read online reviews and will browse a business's website or search for their social media before visiting a business and completing a transaction.

At TDS we take that stress of the online world away from you. We plan and execute a variety of digital design, marketing and strategic efforts that will make an impact on your business. From website design, strategic consults, social media marketing, branding and even work-life balance coaching, we do it all. We are PROUD to serve and help small businesses get. it. done.

We appreciate and love that your business is unique and we’ll go the distance to make sure we develop a strategy and product that’s Taylored to fit your goals. No one can explain your business better than you, the business owner. That's why we immerse ourselves in your business through interactive communication and meetings so we can fully understand and embrace it. That's why we have such success developing and communicating your business's personality.

We use our top-notch customer service and communication skills to keep you well informed of personalized recommendations and project statuses. All of this is happening behind the scenes without you lifting a finger. You just worry about moving forward with the day-to-day to achieve your goals.

So ... how can we help you?

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Meet Taylor

Marketer . Designer . Business Manager . Project Manager . Event Manager
Taylor Pelletier

Taylor Pelletier


Taylor is a "jill" of all trades. She's had years of experience in marketing, communications, event management, project management, designing, business management, administration, customer service, direct sales and beyond. Born and raised around family owned and small businesses has created a love and passion within her to work for them and have her very own. Before she decided to take the leap to run her own businesses she also worked tirelessly for family owned businesses. She truly gets how hard it can be. There's nothing better to her than being able to provide for her family while helping other small businesses grow.